PREMIER Accompanying Training and Courses

General Information

Accompanying education and training are essential as supporting measures for the design of experiments. These include instruction in the specialist areas, methods and equipment as well as specific training courses that are project-dependent. The lab manager and project leader are responsible for defining the training needs. They must set priorities and define requirements for content, enforcement and documentation based on the quality criteria.

It is important to cover the following topics:

  • Good Scientific Practice (GSP)
  • Training on handling the electronic laboratory book (ELN)
  • Experimental Design
  • Training of Methods
  • How to reduce bias (randomizing / blinding / nesting etc.)
  • Instructions of Equipment
  • Training for new employees
  • Ethics and animal welfare (e.g. Felasa course, principles of 3Rs etc.)
  • Data Handling / Data Storage
  • Statistics
  • Transparent Reporting (open access / open data)

All training courses carried out must be documented and securely stored electronically or in an appropriate folder. If, for example, there are inspections by the animal welfare authority, it must be possible to present the relevant documentation.

Finally it is important to consider refresher trainings.