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What is PREMIER?

PREMIER is a conceptual framework of a modular QM system with low implemenation threshold for research groups, departments or even institutions. It helps them to systematically improve the quality of their academic preclinical biomedical research. PREMIER provides modules with minimum requirements that can be adapted to the needs and resources of any organization / laboratory.

PREMIER is designed both as a modular quality tool with four main building blocks:

  • Managing (Governance)
  • Planning and Implementing (Key Processes)
  • Supporting (Support Processes)
  • Measuring and Improving (Continuous Improvement)

Implementation of all four building blocks renders PREMIER a QM system.

With PREMIER we provide a blueprint and proof of concept for practicable and effective quality assurance in academic preclinical biomedicine. Its core philosophy is to offer a system that is attractive and acceptable to academic scientists and other research personnel without compromising their creativity and productivity. PREMIER delivers a flexible framework for systematic quality management that enables continuous improvement of research quality in both small laboratories and large institutions. Freely accessible tools facilitate the implementation of such a framework. Detailed content and scope of implementation of the modules must be developed within the organizations in accordance with the three most important quality aspects: documentation, data management and responsibilities.