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What PREMIER can do for you?

Via this website, PREMIER is made available as a structured set of documents, instructions, guides and tools, complemented by help for implementation. The following lists summarize the features and qualities of PREMIER and what you can achieve with PREMIER:

  • The most important prerequisite for the implementation of quality measures in an academic organization is that professionals accept them in their research. Therefore, PREMIER targets the “routines” in the organization and daily practice of research and uses core routines as starting point.
  • It therefore supports daily scientific laboratory practice.
  • It has low barriers for implementation, minimal bureaucracy and uses research-oriented terminology.
  • It is resource-efficient, provides many tools that are free or low-cost, with a focus on long-term sustainability.
  • It adapts to the needs both of small work groups or to those of an entire organization.
  • It is flexible and does not stifle creativity and originality of researchers.
  • It is modular and supports different phases of the cycle such as managing, planning and delivering, supporting, measuring and improving.
  • It is scalable, from a very lean version with only minimal requirements up to a full implementation of tools and processes depending on available personnel and financial resources.
  • It is reviewable and has low barrier for internal and external evaluation aiming to safeguard quality-relevant improvements and to ensure the buy-in from all research personal.
  • It is non-commercial and publically available to all interested scientists under an open source license.
  • It is easy to implement, all its tools and instructions are intuitive, accompanied with easy-to-follow instructions.
  • create a transparent error culture,
  • manage responsibilities,
  • use action plans,
  • implement a communication strategy,
  • ensure a managed laboratory organization,
  • create und use Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs),
  • use an (electronical) laboratory notebook,
  • ensure an appropriate experimental design,
  • carry out internal and external audits,
  • ensure traceable data storage and documentation,
  • publish open access and open data, etc.

PREMIER Examples

You are free to choose how many modules should be introduced and implemented in your laboratory / organization. This depends on the size of the laboratory, your main topic, the tools and infrastructure already available and the quality objectives to be pursued. Here are some examples of considerations on how many PREMIER modules could be introduced.

You notice in your laboratory / organization that the documentation of the data and the data storage is done by the researchers in different ways. A standardized process is not recognizable, so that it is difficult to trace or publish data transparently. Also the storage of primary and secondary data is not clearly regulated and often gets mixed up or is forgotten.

Your first priority is to solve this problem; you want to establish a suitable documentation and data storage in the laboratory / organization. Go to the clickable PREMIER house and select the documentation and data storage module. There you will find background information and instructions on how to implement suitable documentation and data storage.

If you have any questions, the PREMIER team is always available to answer them.

As in PREMIER, the focus of your laboratory / organization is entirely on the research process with planning of experiments, execution, evaluation and reporting. However, you maybe find that the design of experiments is not thought through to the end and thus uncertainties arise during the projects, that the core methods are not carried out according to standardized protocols, that the data analysis is incomplete and does not meet the requirements or that the reporting is not fully transparent, e.g. results are not published open access or with open data.

In this case PREMIER will help you to solve the problem as well. Click on the four yellow modules Planning, Conducting, Evaluation and Reporting. They define the core processes of basic research. A lot of tools, instructions, templates and information on how structured processes can be established in the laboratory are stored here.

The PREMIER team will be happy to answer your questions and provide support at any time.

Your ambition is to safeguard maximally robust, transparent and reliable research. You want to establish a comprehensive solution to manage all aspects of research quality. You want your research results to be robust, transparent and reliable in the long term way. You want a sustainable solution, a system that is flexible, adaptable, affordable and accepted by researchers. You want a holistic approach that includes all areas, such as laboratory organization, communication, error culture and others.

In this case you might want to introduce all PREMIER modules in your laboratory step by step. Go to the clickable PREMIER house and find out about the individual modules. A detailed assessment (see FAQs) might be useful as a first step to determine which requirements you already meet in your laboratory.

The PREMIER team is happy to conduct this assessment with you and assist you during the implementation of the modules.