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Welcome to PREMIER


With PREMIER we want to increase the value and benefit of biomedical research by improving its quality. PREMIER is one element in a plethora of measures and activities to improve the trustworthiness, usefulness and ethics of biomedical research. PREMIER can help to improve the design, conduct, analysis, and reporting of experiments.

For maximum impact, funders and institutions need to support scientists by providing necessary resources and increased emphasis on quality and reproducibility when assessing researchers.


PREMIER (Predictiveness and Robustness through Modular Improvement of Experimental Research) provides the scientific community with structured quality assurance. It consists of modular quality elements that assist researchers in their quest for high-quality preclinical research without stifling their creativity and draining too much resources.

PREMIER is part of an international drive by scientists, journals, funders, and institutions to improve the quality of biomedicine through research-oriented quality management.

Explainer Video

The PREMIER video describes how and why this quality assurance tool should be used.